Progress Blog

These blog posts provide updates on a variety of subjects.

  • Action research blog posts recount progress on my practitioner-led project.  Findings from this project will become part of the collection of examples that I build from my travels for my Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship.
  • The travel blog is a diary recounting the modes of travel, the places I have visited and the places I have stayed.
  • Travelling fellowship blog posts recount progress on this particular project, describing the meetings that I have had and the stories I have collected so far.  These stories will be validated by the tellers before uploading to the blog to ensure that my accounts are accurate and a fair representation of what I was told.

For all three of these areas, I am incredibly grateful to all the people who have helped to make each part possible, from giving up their time to talk, from sharing their ideas and experiences and for participation in activities that were new, untried and, sometimes, out of their comfort zones.

Any comments?

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