Action Research Project

Earlier this year, I secured a bursary from the Education and Training Foundation to fund an action research project.  This project, to be completed before any travelling, will explore the effect of an employer led assessment activity on motivation levels, measured specifically in terms of tendency to meet deadlines.  A competitive project has been set by a local organisation with a deadline for delivery of the final product, an interactive website and social media campaign.  Students will be given a brief from the employer, a meeting date to discuss the design and a delivery date.  Focus group discussion and empirical data based on rates of meeting deadlines will be compared before and after and, although this is single project, it is hoped that some evidence of change will be observed.

Recently I have secured a second bursary fund to collect narratives on student experience of work placements in the digital industries.  This research will gather evidence from students at Level 1, 2 and 3 and will explore the different experiences of students at   different levels of study.  From this I hope to be able to draw some conclusions that will inform future planning of work experience for educators and employers in terms of what works best for students at different levels.  Thankfully, for the project, I have some help from Dee and Rob who will work with me to collect stories from their own students, leaving me to concentrate on level 3 and then to work with them to look for common experiences and differences.