Travelling to make a difference

On 14th February 2014 I was shocked and honoured to be awarded a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship.  My application was for funding to explore how colleges of technology work with employers for the benefit of students who have opted for a vocational pathway, are studying computing/information engineering/information technology, and will have the option to progress either to university or straight into the workplace in a related career.  This funding will allow me to visit colleges in Denmark, Japan and Scotland over a five or six week period.  I will investigate the computing/information engineering/information technology curriculum, how it is delivered and how local employers, especially small enterprises, are involved in the design, delivery and/or assessment of the curriculum.

This will be an exciting journey, the result of which will be a collection of examples of practice to be shared both ways between practitioners in the countries involved.  The first part of this journey will involve making contacts at home and abroad with people who can and want to share their examples of practice.

I certainly intend to make a difference and hope that I do so.

1 Response to Travelling to make a difference

  1. This sounds to be a Great project and we a happy to be able to contribute

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